Sunday, March 03, 2013

Welcoming Spring: Craft 2-Fer (Part 1)

In meteorological terms, February 28th was the last day of winter, according to my local news. I was hit with a little spring fever that day, appropriately enough it seems. I took down all the winter decorations and started putting out the spring items. I set out one of my favorite DIY decor items, these lovely hurricanes:

I made them 2 years ago and I've used them every spring since. My inspiration to make them was a tutorial at Decor Chick.

Here's what I used for all 3. All purchased items were bought at Dollar Tree 2 years ago.

Vases - $3
Candlesticks - $3
Gorilla Glue - $0 - had this on hand
Mini River Rocks - $1
Jumbo River Rocks - $1
Faux Moss Covered Rocks - $2 (used 3 per hurricane)
Artificial Baby's Breath - $1
Ivory Satin Ribbon -$0 - had this on hand
Total for 3: $11

These look like something from a housewares store that would sell for a LOT more. They are so pretty! If you try these out for yourself please let me know. I'd love to hear how they turned out for you.

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