Saturday, March 16, 2013

Missing in Action and How to Track Me

I apologize for not posting in a week. I spent the past two weeks sick. First I had a cold and a sinus infection sneaked in right at the tail end of it. Had to cancel the pot luck last weekend because I had a fever of 102 and ended up going to Patient First. The antibiotics are doing their job really well and I'm feeling almost completely normal now. Nothing beats better living through chemistry sometimes.

I also found out this week that Google's blog reader service is going away this summer. Bah! Just when I got one follower! What a shame. I do have my blog over at bloglovin. I really do love that service for keeping up with blogs I follow. I'd be honored if you'd go follow me there. You can do so by clicking this link. Also, the b♥ icon over on the right of the page links to my blog at bloglovin.

I'll be back tomorrow with a sewing post. And probably on Monday with a St. Patty's Day craft post. The kids and I made really cute stuff for tomorrow in homeschool this week.

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