Saturday, August 12, 2017

Fall Favorites - Big 4 2017 Edition

It's that time of year... the big 4 pattern companies have released their Fall pattern collections. Or, in the case of McCall's, their "Early Fall" collection.   Quite a number of patterns have been released but below are my personal favorites.

I define my style as a little vintage vixen, a little glam, with a splash of edgy to keep it interesting. With that in mind I can totally see me wearing these items to death!

Without further ado...

McCall's 2017 Early Fall Collection Favorites

M7631 Skirt in 4 views
This "Learn to Sew For Fun" pattern is a great wardrobe staple! View B would be my go-to for work in all seasons. Should be a super fast sew, too! I love that about pencil skirts!

Yep, that's it for McCall's Early Fall release. I was very underwhelmed by their offerings this time around.

Next up...

Butterick 2017 Fall Collection Favorites

B6497 Princess Coats in 4 views
I just LOVE a classic princess coat! Especially one with a fur collar! So classic! View C would be my go-to for days I wear skirts and dresses in the fall/winter. I can totally see this in a gorgeous tweed with a reclaimed vintage fur collar.

B6493 Lisette designed faux wrap skirt and blazer
This outfit is SUPER CUTE! Love the little layered look to the hem of the skirt front! The blazer is cute but I feel the split in the sleeves is kind of over-doing it with this skirt. I could totally see wearing it with trousers, though. I'm almost thinking this skirt needs to be done in satin for date night!

B6496 Pieced Jacket in 4 views
I really love View C in this! I can see so many potential combinations to wear with my wardrobe colors of Black, White, Gray, Cobalt, and Red.

B6476 Unlined Jacket in 2 views
I seriously adore View B. That oversized collar just screams GLAM! Done in the right fabric this simple jacket could be a stunner for transitional weather.

Not bad, Butterick! A good selection of items I want to buy this season!

Now onto...

Vogue Fall Collection Favorites

V1555 Tom and Linda Platt Designer color blocked sheath dress
 As I am very busty I don't usually go for boatneck necklines but I have found through experimentation I can do it with either a horizontal color block or, in this dress' case, visual interest that draws the eye away from the bust. This dress is a knockout! I could see wearing it for work or even out on the town with my husband. It deserves great fabric, too!

V1562 Lialia Designer classic coat
 This is such a timeless piece! Great design lines and when done in wool would be a great piece that will last for ages and never go out of style! The back detail is very nice, too. Makes it a bit more tailored to the body.

V9267 "Easy Options" Dress in 6 views
 This dress is the BEST OF FALL 2017!! Seriously, the design lines on this dress are nothing short of AWESOME! It is flattering to nearly every body shape, and it can be made for all seasons. This is a perfect example of a TNT (Tried N True) pattern right here, folks! I am especially loving View F for fall done in wool and leather. I would wear it to death!

V9276 Tafa Designer Topper/Wrap/Crop Jackets
I don't own a single thing like this but these are stunning! I especially love View A and View C. Best thing about them, besides how incredibly pretty they are, is they are reversible!! Love versatility in clothing!

And finally...

Simplicity Fall Collection Favorites

8461 Vintage Reproduction 1940s suit with blouse
 This one is an honorable mention for me. It is gorgeous! Seriously, the epitome of "lady like" as only the 1940s could do for women's fashion. I would have absolutely nowhere to wear this so I likely won't buy it, but it's worth mentioning simply because it is a gorgeous pattern!

8462 Vintage Reproduction 1940s suit with blouse
 I just love the jacket in this pattern. I can totally see pairing this with my jeans and a print top. Such a classic look!

8460 1950s Vintage Reproduction Dress and Jacket or Topper
O... M... G!!! Shut up and take my money!! This is everything I love! I'd have to shorten the hem a bit as I look best when hemlines hit just below my knee, but otherwise this is perfection! Simplicity picked a great pattern to reproduce when they chose this one!

8464 1950s Vintage Reproduction Skirt and Jacket in 2 views
This is so freaking pretty! Just a simple, classic look that can be easily glam or trendy depending on your fabric choices and accessories. Great basics. Again, I'd have to shorten the hemline, but it's a keeper!

8452 1950s Vintage Reproduction Blouse
Literally the only blouse/top I liked out of all of the Big 4 releases this season. Shapeless and horribly unflattering for my figure seems to be the trend they are following in tops right now. Ugh. Hate when that happens! With this pattern, though, it's one I have had my eye on for a number of years. It's been around on Etsy and even as a downloadable pattern on some vintage pattern sites. It is such a neat idea for the top and the end result is a flattering garment with just a few seams! As with most wrap tops I'll probably have to use my trusty safety pins, but it's worth it to have something that is this incredibly flattering for a busty figure.

5227 1960s Vintage Reproduction Accessories
I never have the need to wear a dickie, but the collar/cuffs, and the turban are super cute! I can see making them.

Overall Simplicity has knocked it out of the park this season with their vintage reproduction patterns! I'm so happy they are focusing on leaner silhouettes this season. I hope the trend continues for Spring 2018.

8451 Mimi G Designer Dress and Coat
The only modern pattern I liked from Simplicity this season. The dress is a little short for my taste, but that's an easy fix. Otherwise it's a knockout! The coat is a classic that could be worn with everything. I especially love it in that plaid. Maybe if I find a plaid wool in colors I wear I will make it.

So, those are my favorites from the Fall 2017 collections of the Big 4 pattern companies.  My overall impressions are:
-Vogue was a huge let-down. There were a LOT of really unflattering for anybody clothes offered this season. Quite a few patterns resembled tents. No thanks, I'll pass. I really expect more from Vogue. I'm sure quite a few folks are glad that a reproduction of the First Lady's blue inauguration dress is now available to sew. For myself, I hate the dress. It is very austere and a bit on the dowdy side. I'm just not a fan of the funnel neck neckline at all. It only works if you are built like a toothpick or a size Negative 2 runway model.
-McCall's was a let-down, too. Too many designs I would never wear this season.Of course McCall's is always hit or miss for me.
-Butterick was on par for what I expect from them. 
-Simplicity's modern patterns were just kind of boring to me. It felt like the same stuff redone over and over again for the most part. The cosplay style costumes are about 10 years out of date. Very disappointing. Their vintage reproductions made my jaw hit the floor, though. Very impressed with those!

What are your favorite patterns this season from the Big 4? Let's discuss.