Sunday, March 03, 2013

Welcoming Spring: Craft 2-fer (Part 2)

In my fervor to decorate for spring I wanted to make a wreath for the door that would work with the oval glass inset's proportions. Here is what I came up with.

spring wreath

I took a grapevine wreath that I got at a thrift store for $2 I think, and wrapped it in sheer green ribbon purchased at Dollar Tree for $1. I didn't glue the ribbon as I wanted the option to easily remove it if I wanted, so I just tied it to secure it once it was wrapped around the wreath. I then took Dollar Tree flowers and put them in by wedging them into the wreath, under the ribbon. They are nice and secure and totally removable so I can customize it anytime. The flowers probably cost me $3 total for the three colors. I had some vintage (or possibly antique) lace that I wove around the wreath. It was just long enough to wrap as you see and I tucked the ends in behind the peach flowers. The lace was a remnant from a top I made a few years ago. Grand total for this wreath is $6! It's so cheerful and perfect for spring. Oh, the hanger I got at Dollar Tree, too, for $1 around Christmas.

Here's how it looks from outside:

spring wreath

And how it looks when people come up to the door: 

spring wreath

I actually had all of these supplies on hand because I made my first spring wreath with them last year. Here is that one:

spring wreath

At the time we were living in another home and it had a very boring and very white front door. It was begging for a ridiculous amount of color.

I need to make another wreath for our other entrance that gets used a lot. With any luck I can get to that soon.

I hope you enjoyed the Spring Decor 2-fer!

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