Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Sew Disasterous!

So, I was plugging right along on my little brown dress using brown stretch sateen and this pattern:

I'm making it plain front like the first dress, short sleeved like the second dress, and v-neck like the third dress. Well, I didn't read the directions fully before starting (MAJOR mistake that lead to subsequent mistakes) and ended up with really messed up things going on with the dress by the time I realized it. This dress is more challenging than anything I've sewn before, so it's been a real learning experience. I'm not even going to attempt to rip the seams out at this point. That would be more than it's worth. I just placed an order last night with Denver Fabrics for more fabric to make this dress over again. With my newly gained knowledge it should go off without too many problems the second time around. Luckily I got the fabric on clearance both times now so I'm not out much financially. And yes, I did make a muslin. The fit is fine, it's the seams that are wonky all over the place. Oops.. Totally my fault. The pattern and instructions are pretty well flawless, if you read before you start. Instructions are what I look at after my attempt without them fails. lol

So, while I'm waiting for my new fabric to arrive I am going to make a dress for each of my little girls. First I'm making one for Evie with some solid cornflower blue fabric as the main dress fabric, and sky blue with multicolored polka dots fabric as the contrast fabric. I'm using this pattern:

It should be adorable when finished. I read a tip online somewhere about ironing patterns to fusible interfacing to increase the pattern's durability. I did that just a few moments ago because I'm sure this will be a dress I make a few times as my girls get bigger.

For Abbie I'm not yet sure what fabric I'll be using and I'll be making this pattern:

Now Abbie and I are going to have some lunch and I'll work on her big sister's dress during nap time.

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