Saturday, March 15, 2014

Just like a pill...

Well, more like a capsule... as in capsule wardrobe.

I got the job I interviewed for in January! I'll be a Community Health Nurse working in Infectious Diseases. Part of the time I'll be in the clinic or out in the community doing vaccinations. I'll need a couple sets of scrubs for that work. However, most of the time I'll be at a desk and I'll need to dress business casual. The blessing and curse of losing 50 pounds is that I have almost NOTHING to wear that is business casual. I start my new job on April 2, so I have just over 2 weeks to get a wardrobe together for work. I want to stay as true as possible to the RTW fast I'm participating in, so I figured a smaller capsule wardrobe was my best option.

I browsed Pinterest, Youtube, and blogs around the net for inspiration. I pinned the wardrobes that inspired me most here. First step seems to be picking the colors of the capsule. Here's my color plan:
My neutral will be espresso brown, a very dark brown that easily takes the place of black. My secondary color is a warm khaki/sand color. My accent colors will be olive green and paprika, a spicy orange shade.

Next step is selecting the garments for the capsule based on needs. The general rule seems to be that every outter layer goes with every other piece. As I need nearly everything, here's my list:

2 Suits - Cropped blazer, trousers, pencil skirt in espresso and khaki
1 button down blouse in khaki
1 dress in a print that has all colors
4 blouses - 1 in espresso, 1 in olive, 1 in paprika, 1 in a print of all colors
2 cardigans - 1 in espresso and 1 in paprika
Scrubs - 2 scrub tops in a print of any of the colors and 1 pair scrub pants in espresso

What I have so far:
1 pencil skirt in espresso
1 blouse in espresso
1 blouse in olive
1 cardigan in espresso

What I need to make:
2 cropped blazers in espresso and khaki
2 trousers in espresso and khaki
1 pencil skirt in khaki
1 button down blouse in khaki
1 dress in a print of all colors
2 blouses in paprika and in a print of all colors

What I need to buy:
1 cardigan in paprika

I already have LOADS of accessories that will work with this color plan. I also already have shoes that will work. My plan for the next two weeks is to at least get my espresso suit finished. The skirt I made for my interview will be part of the complete suit. I have lots more of the same fabric to make a blazer and trousers. I also have a few garments that will work to tide me over until I can get the entire capsule complete, I just need to alter them to fit as they are a bit too big now.

I'll be picking my blazer and trouser pattern tonight so I can prep for muslin making tomorrow. Wish me luck!!


  1. Congratulations on the job! Wow, that is one big clothing plan. Best of luck in the job and with all that sewing!

    1. Thank you! I don't expect to get everything done before I start. If I can get a pair of trousers and a blazer done that will match the dark brown skirt I made in January then I'll be happy. If I have time I'll alter some of the clothes I have that will work for the business casual dress code. Mostly it's blouses I have and they will work as is in case I don't get to them before my start date.

  2. New job and new wardrobe - congrats! I bet if you set goals you will be able to complete it all. I would be daunted at the fabric shopping -- when I have my mind set on a fabric type or color, I can rarely find it!

    1. Oh, Annie, I have the opposite problem.. I LOVE to shop for fabric. The hunt is thrilling for me. The only things I might have issue with is finding a print with the right colors but I know I will eventually. Thanks for the congrats!